Today’s post will be short since I am dropping in a 10min clip from the Toronto evening talk.  This talk was at The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and we had over 100 people in attendance, plus a subway train with distemper.

The theme: Mentoring deep nature connection, it’s the Mentor’s Choice

A couple of things to think about:

How does mentoring work ?  Take a look at Brain Patterning and the Learning Cycle

The Mentor’s Choice

What is the implication of this when the topic shifts towards community resilience ?

Peacemaking ?

How about discovering personal vision and legacy ?

What is needed then ?

If you found this provoking, please comment !

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  1. Craig Brant
    Craig Brant says:

    Hey Mark,

    Thanks again for the fun, adventure, sharing and community development. Sincerely,


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