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Today’s post is an audio clip from my recent Toronto talk, a wicked brief 2 minuter.

It’s a special edit for the folks that I spoke to in Montague, Ma recently.

What if I gave up knowing ?

To create the changes we would like to see in the world, in our community, our family, and in ourselves, we might have to start by giving up knowing what we know.

A little uncomfortable, yes.  But how is it working sticking to what you always thought was real ?

If you liked the 2 min audio clip, let me know.  I can post another audio story about a profound encounter with… “Our friend Possum”.

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  1. Jagadish
    Jagadish says:

    Hey Mark,
    Great chatting with you at the farmer’s market yesterday. I listened to your 2 minute talk and loved your analogy of why we travel and how we can discover that same openess wherever we are. Yes, what is the destination?
    Why are we even existing? What do we really know? You are so right. This type of basic philosophical thinking really opens the doors to life. Look forward to next time we meet!

  2. bastian barucker
    bastian barucker says:

    Hey Mark, I remember Jon saying:

    “Nature with tear your world view apart, because it has to.”

    I still find myself thinking i should know this and pretending i do but really I do not. The old shame game. Well, thanks for the reminder and.



  3. meg
    meg says:

    Hi Mark!

    I saw you speak in Toronto last weekend and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I loved the whole thing but one particular sentence has stuck with me – “what if education included unanswered questions…” – I love that. I’ve always been super curious and love seeing that in other people, but I’ve also always struggled when I didn’t know the answer to other people’s questions. I work in outdoor education (or am at least trying to!) and I think now I’ll be ok not being able to answer everything, especially since I might be able to turn it into a bit of a lesson on it’s own.
    Anyway I loved hearing you talk, so thank you for coming up north. Good luck with the maple syrup at home! Cheers!


  4. Charlie Laurel
    Charlie Laurel says:

    I love your “y’know?”s punctuating the merits of not knowing!

    hey, whatdoiknow?


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