There’s a part of me that is in charge of my story.  My Story, if you know what I mean.

The story that already knows how it’s going to turn out.  It’s the Devil I know.

But Hey, at least I know it realllly well.

For example a part of me believes that I can’t have or own my own home.  I’m talking an unexamined belief.  As if it’s fact.  On a daily basis it’s basically hidden to myself.

A part of me really doesn’t want to explore my possibilities or grow into a larger view of reality, success and magic.  Something bad might happen.  It’s best to stay right here and stay safe.  That’s how the voice goes.

There’s an illusion of control when that story gets repeated.  I actually don’t like that story, but a part of me will keep choosing it over changing it.  Even sabotage or avoid the very thing that might lead me to owning a home some day.

why ?

Seriously.  Why ?

Well if that part of me is anything like that part of you,

…it doesn’t want to take the risk.


To risk being wrong. I’ve rehearsed that belief for a long time…

Who would I be without my Story ?


If you’re coming on the Personal Mythology Quest*, you’re going to get a chance to look at your foundational Story and acknowledge that it exists.  And then in a powerful, supported and thorough manner, you will make a choice to take the steps to rewrite it and change the nature of how you experience life.  Perhaps from a place of unknown limits to a place of freedoms and choice that you can’t imagine.

How does that sound ?

I’m looking forward to the magic.



*Registration Deadline Monday April 22nd