The Institute for Natural Learning is dedicated to sharing connection practices that bring health and happiness to you and your family. During these times of rapid pace and unknown change, families experience increasing amounts of disconnection between themselves, their values and their place, to name a few.

IFNL mentors youth and adults in timeless indigenous practices that foster healthy connection to self, community and nature. These ways of being, skills, and approaches are uniquely designed to assist the different life stages, from birth to elderhood.

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The Institute for Natural Learning brings people together to explore and discover their connections to the natural world. For each of us, this journey leads both inward and outward, as we tend our inner and outer fires. It spirals us back to the lives of our ancestors, from whom we learn the original essentials of being human. As well, it draws us forward toward generations to come, whom we strive to mentor onto pathways of gratitude and relationship.


>Our offerings span the various life stages and include nature awareness programs, rites of passage, personal mentoring, and more. Many of our program participants come away with a renewed sense of meaning in their lives, along with the sense of what it feels like to trust people. This is a cultural proposition. We hope you will join us!

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We invite you to view this video from Coyote Camp,
our annual wilderness adventure for teens.

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