Client Feedback:

Subject: Coaching Feedback
Date: May 18, 2008

Wow, I started to cry as I wrote some of these. I plan on listening to all
of our CDs after we finish in a month. It has been and is an amazing
journey. I am grateful for this. In particular how gentle the process has
been. While your questions and homework has really pushed my edges there
was always compassion there. I felt safe the whole time. I also sit here
amazed at what gifts you helped me to evoke from within. Your trust in the
process allowed so much growth to occur in me. This is really a gift.


Name: Justin Pegnataro
age: 28
Location: Woodbridge, CT
Organization: Two Coyotes Wilderness School
Responsibilities or Titles: Executive Director


Length of consulting journey: 12 Months
Individual or Group: Individual 2 hour, 2X per month consulting, in person

Mentoring: inner tracking, Community Leadership training, native


How has the mentoring helped you with your sense of self, community, nature,
and spirit?

When I started to track my personal history one pattern that emerged was a
fear of being rejected and that I protected myself through being the first
one to disconnect from community. The strategy was if I self-rejected then
I wouldn’t have to deal with the hurt of being rejected.

When I became director of Two Coyotes Wilderness School I had no clue that this was my baseline. All I knew was that this thing called community was essential to
building the school.

Through my work with Mark he helped me to understand
the root of my running away from community and challenged me to push the
edges of my fear. Through this work I have found my inner community man and
have begun creating connections and relationships in my life.

What are you doing now that you wouldn’t have without it?
The nature of mark’s consulting opened up my vision from a narrow, focused
mission of teaching survival skills to a holistic mission that now has space
for community, parents, farmers, storytellers, elders, and so much passion
and life.

How has it affected your path?
I feel so much more freedom, the old path I walked on was full of strategies
that held me back or sabotaged my progress and defined my actions. I am not
held to those same agreements now and can see through those shadows and old
patterns into a landscape rich in possibility, faith, and direction.

What roadblocks has it helped you remove?
Fear of rejection, need for control, ambition to grow fast and take over,
fear to look within, trusting others, and many more

What are you thankful for?
I am thankful that Mark didn’t just hand me the keys or give me an answer.
When I first came to him that is what I wanted. In fact, at first I was
frustrated that we began speaking about topics like grief. It was only
after the first few sessions that I realized that What I thought I needed
and what I needed were two different things and It took trust and surrender
to a pace and direction that was set in the moment. This freedom allowed my
heart to sing and took our sessions to places they never would have if my
ego was the driver.

Best story illustrating how Mark works:
My favorite feeling was the ” oh no moment” This was the feeling I got when
Mark would home in on one of my shadows, or ask a question that caused my
programming of patterns and ruts to crash. It was those moments, in the
absence of a dominant inner voice telling how to live that I found true
gold. Mark has a gift to, in a subtle way, lead people to their truth.
What I will remember most from our work together are those honest moments.

Your opinion in a nutshell of what Mark does for you and/or your

Mark has helped me to step into my role as a man of power and to translate
my passion and vision from a western industrial model of success into a
native model that holds space for community, spirit and the earth.

Are you willing to have your name attached to any of these quotes for Mark’s


Thank you for the feedback and helping me develop this aspect of how I serve the world! – Mark