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3 Tools for Authentic Freedom and Choice:
Introduction to Personal Mythology Quest 

Life can be busy and many changes take place. Sooner or later something isn’t matching up.  Do you know that feeling ?

Some say they want or would like a vision quest, but never get around to actually doing one. “Maybe some day.”

Do you ever tell yourself that ?

This quest will allow you to slow down, catch up with yourself and create a new sense of being solid with who you are.

We want to make this possible for you.

We’re designing this as a weekend and a call series to make it both accessible and highly effective for your growth.

The Personal Mythology Quest will help you:

  • Become less bound by the grip of outmoded patterns from your childhood and your culture

  • Recognize crises of faith, courage, and identity as calls for renewal in your personal mythology

  • Cultivate a vision that empowers you and nurtures your finest qualities

  • Explore your dynamic role in your culture’s evolving mythology

  • Foster your appreciation of humanity’s larger story

  • Embark upon a spiritually attuned journey of self discovery


Personal Mythology:


Your personal mythology is the internal guidance system that shapes your life journey. The more empowering your guiding mythology, the better equipped you are to meet the obstacles your life presents.  The challenge is that your Personal Mythology is comprised of beliefs and motivations that operate largely outside your conscious awareness. “Left to my own devices, I’m always right !”


The Design

The Personal Mythology Quest Includes:

The Quest

You will have the chance to cross a threshold into the Unknown and discover what is waiting there for you.  Empowered with intention, a container of safe and skilled facilitation and a peer group of Adventurers, you will immerse in the solitude, signs and symbols of Nature.  Every mythological journey is demarcated with three stages: Separation, The Quest and The Return.  You are the hero and the journey you are on is the story called “Your Life.”

Tools for Empowerment

Before the Quest comes the Question.  What is calling me ?  On the four calls prior to the weekend we will be applying these tools:

  • What is my Intention ?
  • What Transition in my life was Unacknowledged ?
  • What Gold am I seeking to find in that Unwritten Story ?
  • What Transition am I in Now and What is its Name and Meaning in my Life Story ?
After the Quest is the essential moment in the personal mythology journey, the Naming and Claiming of your Personal Medicine.  In the company of other creative courageous souls you will consciously rewrite your Personal Mythology to be Empowering and Purposely Meaningful.


The Return

To Integrate means “to make whole,” and to Re-integrate means “to restore that wholeness again.”  This is as important as the Quest itself, and is often forgotten in today’s hurried world.  To return with integrity means to bring your new story into the reality of your world, into the hearts and minds of your meaningful relationships. Before the Quest, we will guide you to create an Understanding amongst your friends and family …
  • What this Quest is about for you (Intention, Empowerment)
  • What their Role is in your Send-off and Return (Deep Listening, Anchoring, Witnessing)
After the Quest we will have one more call to tell the story of your Return, to Celebrate with your fellow Adventurers and to complete our experience together.

Are you Ready ?

  • Discover the Guiding Stories of Your Past

  • Make Conscious Unacknowledged Transitions 

  • Claim Your Medicine and Create a Vision for Your Future

  • Learn to Create a Container of Deep Listening at Home and in Your Community

Personal Mythology
Quest Dates 2014

First Call April 17th

Second Call May 1st

Third Call May 15th

Fourth Call May 29th

The Weekend Quest June 6 – 8th


Fifth Call June 25th



Cost (2014):

Five Calls = $625 Value

Three Day Weekend Quest = $500 Value

Total Value: $1125         Our Offer to you: $695

*If you are unable to attend the Weekend Quest you may register for only the Call Series for: $495

(The weekend may be purchased at anytime). Payment plan available.

I am interested. Please let me know when 2015 information becomes available.


“. . .The weekend quest guided me through spaces where I could name the transition I was going through, the transition I was manifesting through my intentions on the quest. I recognized and named that before I came to the Personal Mythology Quest I had an expectation that other people would fulfill my needs.  When I came out of my 24 hours solo my big take away was that “I have everything I need inside of me already. When I step out into nature, by myself I can more easily find my way down a path where I feel grounded and a sense of compassion. And that is a huge tool for me in taking the responsibility for creating the state of being I want for myself

. . . read full story here

~ 2013 Personal Mythology Quest participant



Krista and Mark are dedicated to honoring personal and family transitions, an empowered life story and a regenerative culture to carry on these ways for the next generation.

Mark Morey is a leader in the international 8 Shields nature connection movement. He co-founded Vermont Wilderness School in Brattleboro, Vermont, in 1999, and then went on to found the Institute for Natural Learning, which offers a variety of nature-based educational programs for children and adults, and is founding member of the 8 Shields Institute. Mark is a creative artist, visionary, educator, and cultural engineer, who designs regenerative holistic communities with nature connection principles and works as a consultant, lecturer, and leadership coach.

Krista Oarcea is a passionate wild-crafter, permaculture designer and nature based mentor who has 22 years experience working with women and families in a wide range of transitions from birth to death.  Founder of Evening Star, she is currently working to help reclaim conscious death rites.  Krista also works as a facilitator for The Warrior Connection’s Women’s Veteran Retreats and as a personal coach.