“How can I pass on the wisdom of nature and the power of connective culture in the most effective way?”


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Over the last couple years, I’ve been receiving steady requests to bring leadership training, nature connection and cultural mentoring into the workplace. There is a strong call from many voices to bring human- and nature-centered values into company culture and consciousness into business leadership. The idea is to develop leaders with the systems-thinking necessary to bring about profound organizational change and in so doing, transform our culture toward a 21st-century paradigm that fosters sustainability.

The Institute for Natural Learning is stepping forward with two feet in to embrace this sea change. I have been networking with inspiring leaders, authors, and scientists that are taking a stand; meeting with amazing people who are aligning nature with business; and running the phone series Connection at Work: The 4 Best Culture Tools for Leaders ! Looking into the future, I am ramping up new offerings that will address this area of need, including leadership initiations, company retreats, company culture consulting, and executive coaching.

To meet the demands of these new initiatives, I will be bringing some new talent on board. I have several positions opening up; click here to find out more.